How to Use Discord on Xbox and Chat With Friends [Best Guide]

how to use discord on xbox:- Discord is a chat app that allows its users to chat in real-time using either text or voice or video. This app has grown immense popularity in the recent past. It is a host for several servers/chatrooms that have topics on almost all the major ones like sports, memes, music, and many more. Though it is to be known that the memes are the most popular one of all for obvious reasons. 

how to use discord on xbox

The best part of Discord is that you can access it from anywhere and at any time. You can access it from your desktop, mobile app, and browser as well. The users can either join the group that they were invited to or can create a group and send invitations to people to join using the server or chatroom. Also, it is to be noted that there are public servers as well where anyone can join. 

In this post, let us discuss How to use Discord On Xbox and chat with friends online. With that being said, let us quickly get started with the process, shall we?

Information About Discord

Offered ByDiscord Inc.
Latest Version36.5
Total User100 Million+
License Free
Product Hammer & Chisel, Inc. / Discord
Platforms Windows/Mac/ Android,/iOS,/Linux

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How To Use Discord On Xbox

You can either use a default web browser on Xbox to create a new Discord account or if you want to use your phone or PC that can also be done. All your Discord details will be brought forward here and even your primary Discord ID will remain the same. Let’s dive into steps for how to get discord on Xbox.

To link your discord on Xbox one account follows the below-mentioned steps.

  1. In your Xbox one head to Settings option
  2. Click on Account
  3. Choose Linked Social Accounts
  4. Enter your passkey
  5. Then choose Discord from the menu.

Once you are done with the steps mentioned above head to the Discord app either through your phone or Desktop app or Browser and click on Gear account and choose “Connections”. Then add and choose the Xbox Logo.

This will result in a pin being appeared on your Xbox One’s screen, enter that pin on the Discord app. Once this is done you can now use Discord on your Xbox. If then you want to chat with your friends online then you have to ask them also to log in to Discord using the Xbox app.

It is to be noted that the Xbox’s Discord integrations are not great but it is manageable. Though cross-platform functionality is made available the cross-platform chat is yet to be made available. But in the future, a lot of updates and modifications are expected to be done.


Now, this is how you can use Discord on Xbox and chat with friends online. This is one of the most favourite features which is liked by the users.  If this post helped you to How to use Discord on Xbox, show us some love by sharing this article with your friends and family. Now that you have done that it is time for me to bid you adieu. For more posts like this, stay tuned with us. Until next time, stay techy!

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